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1. 银行业
2. de加强动作+termine界限→加强界限→限定;决定
3. 单词response 联想记忆:
4. 美国总统vs韩美自由贸易协定
5. ['?unip]
6. For generations, working-class whites were doubly blessed: they enjoyed privileged status based on race, as well as the fruits of broad economic growth.


1. 10. Are YOU Re-Energized?
2. Migrants working in rich countries sent home almost half a trillion dollars in 2016, helping to lift families out of poverty by providing financial stability, access to education, housing and healthcare, according to a global report.
3. QK%.jd&KnAkQ
4. 第六步 找到你的“花生”
5. Regional
6. I think it’s a perfect continuation of my last post of being a football widow and I simply had to share the rules here. I LOVE rule no.6.


1. “我试图做到的是继承他的衣钵,写一本典型的伊恩·弗莱明式的007小说。”
2. 就在整场比赛即将结束时,荷兰队射入一球再次追平比分,双方进入加时赛。最终中国队射入第三球,赢得2013年机器人世界杯足球比赛冠军。
3. Despite the confusion, executive producer Ed Razek has commended the Chinese partners as “wonderful and enthusiastic hosts.”
4. 北京某投资公司总经理汪杰表示,金融和地产业高管较高的薪酬反映出我国发展不平衡的问题。
5. 1.《廷巴克图》,导演:阿伯德拉马纳·希萨柯(Abderrahmane Sissako)。
6. 4. Statistician


1. 单词designer 联想记忆:
2. 信任感依然会是商业领域中唯一且最关键的问题。
3. 加强现代农业建设。
4. n. 诱惑力,吸引力
5. 在接受《每日电讯报》采访时,玛蒂说:“我再也无法过上平凡人的生活了。因为大家很容易认出我来,甚至当我出去玩或是和朋友吃冰淇淋都能被路人认出来。”
6. 其中涉嫌售假的占比近45%,同比去年上升18.2%。消费者差评、频繁退货、投诉案例也很多。部分商家通过虚假低价的商业陷阱来促销商品。


1. The global trend of peace, development and cooperation and globalization are indivisible.
2. Elsewhere, Dua Lipa, who was up for three gongs, took home the Best New Artist award. While Harry Styles might have a reputation for being one of the most stylish members of One Direction, the Sign of the Times singer had his crown stolen by surprise MTV EMAs newcomer and former band mate, ZAYN.
3. In this 1998 swashbuckler classic, Antonio Banderas plays the protege of a boring nobleman who moonlights as a masked outlaw, saving the Mexican commoners of California from corrupt leaders. While Zorro might sound like a regular old-timey superhero, the story upon which The Mask of Zorro is based pulls heavily from legends surrounding a real-life desperado named Joaquin Murietta.

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    Juckes warns that we're now trapped in the fourth megabubble fueled by the Federal Reserve in the last 30 years, since the rise of conservative economics. He calls this one, the Bubble With No Name Yet. OK, we invite you to send in your nomination to name the new bubble. But whatever you call it, do it fast, it's close to popping, like the Asian, Dot-com and Credit crashes the last 30 years.

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    The writer is a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment and a former World Bank country director for China. Read other predictions for the world economy, politics and finance in 2012 at

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    New investment in Europe was up 28 per cent on the $18bn registered in 2014, a smaller increase than 2014’s doubling of the 2013 figure. Investment in the US was up 17 per cent compared on 2014’s level of $12.8bn.

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    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos rose to No. 3 on the list for the first time, thanks to the jump in in Amazon shares, which boosted his net worth to $72.8 billion.

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    Manufacturing has held up better, with profits growing 6.5 per cent, while profits from utilities such as electricity, heat and water grew 17 per cent, boosted by lower energy prices.

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